Full Sensory Perception Courses with francesca fonti


Full Sensory Perception courses

Pleiadian Lightwork Intensives

FSP is for the purpose of accelerating spiritual growth with the use of your full sensory perceptions of clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition, and channeling healing energy. The program is not for the purpose of going deeply into psychic phenomena. It is a path toward wholeness, Oneness, and becoming consciously responsible for aligning with your Divine Destiny and connection with God/Goddess/All That Is.

Pleiadian Lightwork FSP 1

Pre-requisite : Prerequisite to commencing the course is to have read

           The Pleaidian Workbook – Awakening Your Divine Ka by Amorah Quan Yin.  

Course Content:

    1. Reading and Healing Aura
    2. Healing Tears in Body and Aura
    3. Reading and Healing 7 Chakras
    4. Pain Erasure and De-Programming
    5. Depossession
    6. Beginning Healing Level of the Soul
    7. Clearing Black Magic
    8. Clearing Control Devices
    9. Kundalini Channel Healing and Activation
    10. Accessing Akashic Records


    Pleiadian Lightwork FSP 2

    Pre-requisite completion of FSP 1

    Course Content:

    1. Reading and Healing Sub-Conscious
    2. Retrieving out-of-body parts in Uncnscious
    3. Reading and Healing Astral Body
    4. Reading And Healing Multidimensional Hologram
    5. Reading and Healing Personality
    6. Next Level of Soul-Affinity Healing
    7. Reading and Healing Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual Bodies
    8. Reading and Healing Core Issues in Hologram
    9. Reading and Healing Male and Female aspects of Self
    10. Reading and Healing Original 8 Cells



    Pleiadian Lightwork FSP 3

     Pre-requisite completion of FSP 1 & 2

    Course Content:

    1. Positive Past Life Retrieval
    2. Retrieving Past Life Ghost Self
    3. Reading and Healing Past Life Pain
    4. Reframing Past Lives
    5. Twin Flame Past Life Healing and Reading
    6. Reading and Healing Body/Being channels for Multidimensional Telepathy, Genetics
    7. Genetic Deprogramming
    8. Addiction Deprogramming
    9. Blueprint/Monolith Connection
    10. Using 7 Chakras for Manifestation
    11. Self-Esteem in 7 Chakras
    12. Full-Body Nervous System Trauma Healing
    13. Soul Recalibration
    14. Reading and Healing Self Saboteur



Courses are run throughout the year at varying times. If you would like more information on FSP or are interested in attending a course, please call Francesca directly on 0430 188 263


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