Kinesiology, a unique natural therapy that involves monitoring muscles, was created from the chiropractic model of health care in the 1960’s and has grown in popularity over the last 50 years. Kinesiology uses the muscles as a biofeedback mechanism to monitor an individuals “stress patterns” or “imbalances”. These stress pattern or imbalances can be of a physical, emotional, mental or energetic nature.

To use an analogy, the body is similar to a computer, for this explanation I will refer to it as a “biological  computer”. The biological computer contains within it numerous “files” relating to many aspects of an individual’s life e.g.  family, relationships, life goals and work.                  

Some of these files may have stress patterns associated with them, which can block or impede the individual in this specific area of their life. Kinesiology can access these files, explore them, and, through a variety of corrective techniques, clear these imbalances or stress patterns.