Eliza completed her podiatry degree at La Trobe University in 2003, graduating with Honours.  Eliza also has a degree in Human Movement and in Education.

Personal experience with Type 1 Diabetes has greatly influenced Eliza’s knowledge of the condition from both a practitioner and patient point of view. Eliza prides herself on being up-to-date with current research and trends relating to both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.


A keen sportswoman for many years, Eliza has a special interest in the science of human movement. Eliza is an Anatomy in Motion TM practitioner who enjoys helping people re-centre their body through movement. By teaching the body to move efficiently and effectively, Eliza aims to reduce pain and to restore lost movement patterns.

In addition to clinical work, Eliza consults as a Subject Matter Expert with Cambridge Assessment, assisting to write the English language competency tests for overseas Podiatrists wishing to practice in Australia.

Eliza is available for consultations on Tuesdays and Fridays.