alana – osteopath


I am a registered Osteopath and member of Osteopathy Australia. I graduated from 5 years of osteopathic study from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary Medicine) and a Masters in Osteopathy.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my work in the Osteopathic field. Every year my knowledge, skills and passion grow. I chose to participate in post graduate courses including Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, Dr Still’s original technique, Rule of the Artery and Balancing Ligamentous Tension. Each course fascinating, challenging and essential for expanding my tool set and refining my palpation and diagnostic skills.

I treat the whole body from head to toe, and all ages from babies to the elderly and everyone in-between. I have a special interest in acute pain; ligamentous/connective tissue injuries; and thoracic and ribcage pain. During the consultation, I take the time to explain the working diagnosis, and describe the techniques used and associated anatomy.

Every patient is unique. Each with their own history, experiences and pain. My intention is always to listen; listen not only to what my patient says but also to what their tissues have to tell me. Then we can find the cause of the problem.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, yoga and catching up for coffee with friends and family.