francesca – intuitive healer & property energy clearer

Francesca and her family migrated in 1969, having come from one of the smallest islands, Lipari to the largest island in the world, Australia. It was like travelling through a time warp of several hundred years.

Francesca’s intuitive nature became obvious at an early age, as she discovered her ability to feel energetic vibrations as a language of healing. It would take many years to discover how fate interwove this skill into her life, in a way so she could learn how heal and how to help others connect to their own healing specific to their individual needs.

By clearing and releasing emotional attachments, identifying patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you, Francesca will help you to restore a sense of well being, balance and harmony to your life.

Francesca‘s thirst to understand her energetic experiences and life purpose, have guided her to further studies of Mind-Body and training in personal development. A foundational study of mind-body communication through Psychosomatic therapy, followed by Intuitive Massage, Past life regression therapy, Meditation and personal trauma led to Pleiadian Lightwork Healing Technology.

Francesca is a Teacher, Mentor and Practitioner of Pleiadian Lightwork, Meditation Facilitator and Property Energy Healer.

Francesca  applies her innate intuitive healing through the bioenergetics of the body, a vibrational connection of the Mind, Body,  Heart Wisdom and Presence, the Healing language of the Soul.

Life can be a roller-coaster ride in the discovery of Self, Presence and Purpose and YOU are the driver….