janette – lactation consultant


Janette’s interest in breastfeeding began with her own journey as a mother to her two baby boys, who are now young adults.  She has been a volunteer peer support Breastfeeding Counsellor (Cert IV) with the Australian Breastfeeding Association for over 15 years, and in 2011 she qualified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

Her career interest in health started with her training as a State Registered Nurse.  After retiring from nursing she has studied different modalities of health care, including massage, aromatherapy, flower essences, Reiki, psychophonetics counselling, (a counselling discipline based in the work of Rudolph Steiner), and more recently Psych-k.

Janette recognizes breastfeeding and breast milk as the bridge that takes a baby from the womb environment to family life, starting in the arms of the mother.  In her work, she recognizes the innate capacity of breastfeeding to intuitively build and grow the mother baby bond. Janette uses her curiosity and her counselling skills to support mothers in their breastfeeding experience, to encourage and empower them so they can be the best mother they can be for their babies and children.  In her work she sees a mother and baby together, not as two separate beings, but as a team of two beings being one.  She believes in the fundamental right of every baby to receive breast milk and is keen to support mothers in their efforts to feed their babies.