susan – naturopath & counsellor

As a Naturopath my passion and aim is to explain to you how your body works; why you have your current symptoms or condition. I identify the underlying causes of your ill health and give treatment to alleviate these, so you will have ongoing vitality and can stay healthy. If you are unaware of why something is occurring it is very hard to know what you need to change to improve your wellbeing.

I also provide Intuitive Counseling and Chakra testing to help you identify and resolve emotional problems or concerns. Often we are unaware of the subconscious issues driving our behavior. This is supported by all the modalities offered, to suit each individual’s need.

I specialize in treating chronic conditions, such as anxiety or depression, IBS, psoriasis, arthritis etc.

My treatment regime is based on choosing the most appropriate forms of therapy for each individual to allow healing to occur. I use muscle testing to ascertain the most effective treatment, whether that is herbal, homeopathic or a combination of these medicines.

I studied medicine for 4 ½ years before becoming disillusioned with the medical approach to health. I believe in the body’s capacity to heal itself if given the correct circumstances and environment. I am fully trained in the application of Herbal Medicines, Homeopathy, Vitamin and Mineral Therapy, Flower Essences, Dietary and Lifestyle advice.

I am a dedicated Naturopath with a deep commitment to the ongoing health and wellbeing of my patients.